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After Market Auto Repair Services


  • Cost of IT development staff and turnover rate required a new approach to software development and applications support.
  • A wide array of software that wasn't integrated.
  • Many legacy applications required reengineering to be cloud ready.
  • Legacy infrastructure.
  • A new IT strategy required to support business diversification.


  • Outsourcing application maintenance and development to an offshore IT partner.
  • Cost effective managed services for applications support.
  • Re-engineered applications to be cloud ready.
  • A broad-based strategy that would re-position the company around value-add services to consumers.
  • All solutions secure by design practicing best practice around internal governance and third-party risk management.
  • Private / Public cloud migration of applications and infrastructure to enable business flexibility for future services and integration.


  • Reduced cyber risk and increased business flexibility.
  • Empowered business to implement new auto services.
  • Lower operating costs.

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